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After spending years on culinary adventures around the world, Johnson returned to Malaysia and started the gēn 根 project. Devoted to the exploration and development of local Malaysian ingredients and with a desire to share their love and passion for food with local patrons, a Modern Malaysian Community Restaurant - gēn 根 was born.

In gēn 根, each and every one of us plays an important role in keeping Malaysia's food culture alive. In our house, we work closely as a family. We constantly exchange our ideas, share experiences and learn from each other. Apart from this, witty jokes and singing sessions are part of the work routine as well! 


We're looking for energetic, passionate individuals who have a strong dedication to join our team. If you wish to expand your knowledge in local Malaysian produces, food and culture, or have further enquiries regarding stagiaire, please write to by telling us more about yourself, along with your resume. We want to meet you!


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