2017-2020 gēn 根 | Designed by gēn 根

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Due to the recent movement control order has been delivered and to ensure everyone’s safety, gēn 根 will temporarily close its door from 18th to 14th April 2020. Let’s practice social distancing at home for a good two weeks. gēn 根 advises everyone to stay healthy and keep hydrated all the time. A good chance for our team to “recuperate” too, but rest assured that we will see you LEGALLY in the 15th April 2020!

The birth of gēn 根 represents a fresh start to Chef Johnson, a  place where Malaysia’s quality local produce is fused with passion, culture and childhood memories, delivered with the best hospitality for your dining pleasure. Each dish is a deep dive into the nuances of Malaysian distinctive flavours and cultures, with two different restaurants (both located just a few minutes drive away) delivering different dining styles and experiences.  



"My Malaysian Stories"

gēn 根 is translated into 'ground roots', valuing the idea of keeping true to our roots using local ingredients. Our tasting menu mainly revolves around the produce-driven concept, to recreate nostalgic flavours using bold innovative cooking methods. Hence, with sharing Chef Johnson's interpretation of Malaysian ingredients and flavours, "My Malaysian Stories" is truly well defined.



Communal Table by gēn 根

Chef Johnson's idea on the communal table mainly focuses on serving comfort food that is designed to be shared with family and friends, which genuinely highlights the Malaysian dining culture. We will be showcasing the beauty of Malaysia's locally grown produces and their distinctive flavours in the form of sharing plates.



This culinary project is run by young, creative Malaysian chefs who draw inspirations from their collective travel experiences and childhood memories. Chef Johnson Wong came back to his roots - Malaysia, to deliver his own interpretation of local ingredients and distinctive flavours from Malaysia's diverse food landscape.​