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Secret Tables is a curated collection of independent Asian restaurants sharing the same values for sustainability, under the umbrella of Secret Retreats.

gēn 根 Is a proud member of the Secret Tables community. Every destination in Asia has a handful of magical restaurants, yet oftentimes they remain unknown to those who are only visiting for a short while. Like a personal recommendation from a friend you can trust, discover our collection of unique, personally handpicked, independent restaurants with core values that embrace sustainability, fair wages and career paths for young local people. 

Prepared by ever-present, passionate chefs that take great pride in what they do, each serves creative cuisine made with local and seasonal ingredients that reveal the true essence of Asian flavours.


We are honoured to be featured in Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery, a new guide to the world’s truly exemplary, ethical, organic and sustainable restaurants and food experiences, created by 57 leading food writers from 45 countries.

"Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery provides a roadmap to restaurants that understand the importance of operating morally and sustainably; that treat their workers with compassion and humanity; that value the health and well-being of their customers; and that help us all to become good citizens of this planet." -Alice Waters





VENUE: gēn 根, 8 Gat Lebuh Gereja, 10300 Georgetown.

TIME: 18:00 to 23:00 (Last order: 21:30)



CORKAGE: RM50 per bottle


In October, gēn 根 will be hosting a four-hands dinner with Chef Hoang Tung from T.U.N.G. dining. Both Chef Tung and Chef Johnson went back to find their own roots, Hanoi and Malaysia respectively will be featuring their best thoughts of their own interpretation on local ingredients and flavour. 


Twisted, Unique, Natural, and Gastronomique highlighting the original idea of T.U.N.G. dining presenting you the fun side of fresh local produce and healthy cooking. Furthermore, Chef Hoang Tung began building his culinary skills and profile in different restaurants in the Scandinavia region such as Ask in Finland and Kiin Kiin in Copenhagen. Mainly will be focusing on their local flavour with a touch of Nordic sense. Reserve your experience now.


Please note that all price is subject to 10% service charge. Reserve now at info@genpenang.com or call in at +6012-5113323.




VENUE: gēn 根, 8 Gat Lebuh Gereja, 10300 Georgetown.

TIME: 18:00 to 23:00 (Last order: 21:30)



CORKAGE: RM50 per bottle

Spicing up your November month with fun and surprises. Chef Deepanker Khosla aka Chef DK from Haoma, Bangkok will cook with Chef Johnson Wong. Chef DK is from Allahabad and arrived in Bangkok at the age of 24. He was named the Elite Young Chef of the Year 2019 at Eiffel Tower.


His brainchild - Haoma highlights the idea of food sustainability while showcasing authentic pan-Indo-European cuisine. The ingredients used in the restaurant are sourced from Chef DK’s very own backyard urban farm in the heart of Bangkok. It was also recently listed in Thailand Tatler’s Best Restaurants 2019 and the Highest New Entry in Top Tables 2019.


Please note that all price is subject to 10% service charge. Reserve now at info@genpenang.com or call in at +6012-5113323.




 12th SOLD OUT!! Book for 13th. 

12th & 13th NOVEMBER EVENT

VENUE: KIMME Restaurant, 47 Amoy street, 069873 Singapore

TIME: 18:00 to 23:00



"We’re excited to announce our upcoming four hands dinner with Chef Johnson of Gen Penang, at Kimme, Singapore. gēn 根 means Ground Roots, encapsulating the idea of keeping true to Chef Johnson’s Malaysian roots using local Malaysian ingredients and recreating nostalgic flavours using bold innovative cooking methods. 

In this special collaboration in celebration of their heritage, Chef Louis will be showcasing his version of refined street food from Korea while Chef Johnson will bring to the table refined street food from Malaysia.


Book your table now: info@kimmerestaurant.com or call +65141588